Amongst all the love, tears, beauty and laughter

WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER – Amongst all the love, tears, beauty and laughter you encounter during the wedding, the photographer’s task is quite simple – to produce a jubilation of your event in form of a beautiful photography telling your exclusive story from beginning to end in a unique, fine art approach of my wedding photography style!

The photography should tell the story of the wedding

The photography should tell the story of the wedding and who you are as a couple and that’s exactly what I aim for! You special day takes so much planning, care and preparation and before you know it – the wedding is over and both of you are heading on a honeymoon. Through photography you get your second chance – I capture your amazing wedding as it was, telling your story as it is – preserving every beautiful moment for the future and, hopefully, for the generations to come! My work has taken me across the world, from America to Europe and mane parts of the UK and London.

I truly believe every wedding is an exclude affair, every unique in its own way and every couple deserve their beautiful love story preserved for the future. My amazing clients are more than just their special day – I see their beauty, their love and the complex people they are – that’s why I live for the moment being able to tell their story through the visor of my camera and through my lens!

Wedding photography has changed a lot during the years – from the awkward family photos in the past all the way to the modern extravaganzas you see daily in those wedding magazines and blogs. There are A LOT  of photographers these days and I completely understand the pain when it comes to choosing the right photographer for your own, unique wedding. For me, personally,  your experience is the most important thing!

You have to be able to connect with your photographer, feel good in their company and that is the only you will be able to relax during the wedding and the photos will be a true representation of who you are as a person and as a couple. Just imagine for a second if you are uncomfortable talking to your photographer or being hassled during the wedding for certain shots and so on…Choosing the right photographer is a very important task and I am here to help!!!

My style is a beautiful mix of fine art wedding photography and documentary wedding photography. I strive to capture every wedding in its own unique way, giving my amazing couples pictures that they would treasure for the years to come, photos they will want to share with their friends and family and proud to show them to their kids in the future.

I am a very laid back and mellow, allowing me to take very unobtrusive approach to each wedding. I blend with the guests and stay invisible, allowing me to take very relaxed and natural shots of your guests, family and friends.

To be a professional wedding photographer

To be a professional wedding photographer is not all about shooting photos at all! I, as a professional, have to ensure you and your partner are looking your best during at every moment during your beautiful wedding. Most brides and grooms have never before had any posing or photography experience at all, so most are very anxious about their photos. This is truly understandable, but trust me, it is not that hard! Experience and knowledge come into play, as well as well matched personalities between the bride, the groom and their photographer.

Wedding photography has changes a lot during the last few years, especially with the rapid development of new and exciting technology that makes lives easier taking photos, even to the inexperienced ones. It is a whole different level now and finding the right wedding professional is increasingly hard. But not to worry, it takes a experienced professional to put you at ease in front of the camera and deliver consistent results throughout the wedding day, no matter of weather, lighting or any issues that might occur.

I truly enjoy capturing genuine emotions, real tears of joy and happiness, glances and smiles between the bride and the groom. They are infinitely short in time and seizing the right moment truly tells the story, the real one, of the whole wedding.

I much prefer if I can meet each and every couple before the wedding, but if that is impossible, especially if you live far and above, Skype or Facetime usually are more than enough. It is very important to see if we have a matching personality and we are a good match for each other. It is important for the bride and groom and their photographer to get along well and one the best way to establish that is by arranging an engagement photography session.

Probably this would be the easiest and most convenient way for us to meet and experience first hand what a wedding photography session is, get some experience in front of a camera and be prepared for your special day! You get to know your photographer, his assistant, you are not total strangers on the big day and you see that being photographed is, in fact, lots and lots of fun!!!